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Account Opening Form
Interest Rate Per annum*

I hereby agree that this account shall be opened as the nominee of NRN fixed deposit only. Upon the completion of the account opening process I agree to open NRN fixed deposit of Minimum (USD/EUR/GBP) 10,000 or above for the period of 2 years as per the prevailing NRB guidelines and Terms and Conditions of the Bank.

Terms & Conditions:
  • The tenor of the NRN fixed deposit will be of 2 years.
  • The FD can be opened in the USD, GBP or EUR.
  • The minimum amount for the fixed deposit will be 10,000 in USD, GBP and EUR.
  • NRN fixed deposit can be opened jointly by two or more persons.
  • A copy of valid NRN card issued by concerned department of Nepal Government must be submitted while opening NRN fixed deposit. The copy of renewed NRN card must be submitted for the continuation of the scheme.
  • A Saving (Nominee account for Fixed Deposit) is required to be opened for the purpose of interest posting only in corresponding currency of the FD.
  • After maturity, the principal and interest amount can be repatriated (taken back) in the same currency to his/her own account maintained in the country from where he/she has sent money to Nepal. However, there shall be no restriction to convert the FCY deposit into Nepalese currency.
  • The interest of the fixed deposit as well as the fixed deposit can be repatriated only after the maturity of the fixed deposit.
  • The fund must be transferred through banking channels only.
  • As per Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) requirement, the customer needs to complete KYC document in presence of bank official during at his/her convenient time within tenor of FD.

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