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Any Nepalese individual who wants to have personal savings account with Sanima Bank.
We maintain strict security standards and procedures to prevent unauthorized access to your information as the security of your personal information and your online banking transaction is of utmost importance to us.
The account can be opened by visiting Sanima Bank’s website (http://eaccount.sanimabank.com/home). Go to the website=Sanima e- Account = Open an Account =Choose the products= Fill the form/attach the documents= Submit.
You will be able to open personal savings accounts online.
You will be able to receive account number on subsequent working day of submission of account opening application form should all documents submitted is verified and details provided in application form is complete.
Minimum balance depends upon the type of account you choose to open online .However, if you fail to deposit minimum balance for3 months from the date of account opened, we may close your account.
Interest rate depends on the type of saving account you choose to open online. Please refer http://www.sanimabank.com/article-InterestRates for detail.
Yes, you must approach bank once personally to verify your personal document in original at your convenient time however you are required to deposit minimum amount in the account within 90 days of account opening date.
You can deposit amount or transfer fund in your account after you receive the a confirmation that your account has successfully been opened. However, withdrawal/fund transfer facility can be provided only after verification of your original certified documents.
You can view your account status/balance through Sanima I- banking. You can apply for I – banking from online account opening form or can download the application form and send it to us at nrn@sanimabank.com. Please go through http://www.sanimabank.com/article-downloads to download the form.
Yes, you must approach a branch within 90 days of submitting the information online. This may not be relevant in case original vetted document is received.
“Sanima Money Maximization Scheme” is 1 year Individual Fixed deposit Product designed to provide high rate of return to our customer. Any amount available above NPR 200,000/- (minimum amount of NPR 50,000/- or multiple) from savings account will be auto transferred to 1 year Fixed deposit under this scheme on regular basis.
 Nepalese citizens  Existing savings account holders of Sanima  New customers making account open request through Sanima e- Account portal
0.5% will be added above the published rate. Please go through the link (http://www.sanimabank.com/article-InterestRates) for published rate on 1 year FD.
No any additional documents required other than that required to open savings account online
Here is no maximum ceiling but FD is opened in multiplier of NPR 50000. Like 50,000, 100,000, 150,000 and so on.
You can view statement of your savings account online through Sanima I-banking service. A notification email shall be received from bank upon each new FD Opened.
You can either liquidate the FD or can apply for Loan against FD. To know the detail please go through link (….) however, account holder must be present in the bank in person to take this service. Customer can request for FD Liquidation via email as well.
Fixed Deposit will be auto renewed by adding 0.5% on published prevailing rate if you choose “Yes” option under FD Renewal field and if you chose “No”, then the Principal amount will be credited to your savings account.
To discontinue the scheme, you must send an email to nrn@sanimabank.com or visit the bank in person.