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Sanima Money Maximization Scheme
The money maximization scheme gives you option to park your money in Fixed Deposit(s) from Savings Account. This can be done by creating a Fixed deposit(s) linked to your Savings Account. You can issue an instruction through e account portal of Sanima Bank for creation of Fixed Deposit(s) from the surplus fund in your Savings Bank Account. The Fixed Deposit(s) will be created in multiples of Rs. 50,000 for tenure of one year on your instruction. Under this facility, when your Fixed Deposits expire, the bank will either transfer your money to Saving Deposit or will automatically renew the principal amount for the same period as the original deposit as per your instruction.

Product Type : Fixed deposit
Time Period : 1 Year
Minimum Amount required in savings deposit account: NPR 250,000/- ( 200,000 + 50,000 )
Minimum Amount to open Fixed Deposit : NPR 50,000/-
Interest Rate : Premium on published fixed deposit interest rate.
Interest Payment Frequency : End of every quarter of Nepali Calendar
Transfer Frequency from savings to FD : Next working day of fund received in savings account.

Date Balance available in Savings account Amount Eligible for Fixed deposit FD Opened Date Balance in savings deposit after FD Opened FD Maturity Date
01 Jan 2016 Rs. 251,000/- Rs. 50,000/- 02 Jan 2016 Rs. 201,000/- 02 Jan 2017
17 Jan 2016 Rs. 235,000/- Not eligible - Rs. 235,000/- -
05 Feb 2016 Rs. 300,000/- Rs. 100,000/- 06 Feb 2016 Rs. 200,000/- 06 Feb 2017
10 May 2016 Rs. 732,000/- Rs. 500,000/- 11 May 2016 Rs. 232,000/- 11 May 2017
17 June 2016 Rs. 112,000/- Not eligible - Rs. 112,000/- -
Once applied, this scheme will continue until request for scheme discontinuation is received. To discontinue the scheme, an email to nrn@sanimabank.com must be send or visit the bank in person. To know more on this product, please visit FAQ section.